Don Herbison-Evans
[email protected]
Instructor level 1 (Dancesport Australia)
Dip. Dance Ed. (Sydney)
M.A., D.Phil. (oxon),
Don Herbison-Evans has previously been :
        Senior Research Fellow,   Signals Research & Develoment Establishment, Christchurch, Hampshire,
        Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Astronomy Department, University of Sydney,
        Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney,
        Lecturing 'Introduction to Computer Graphics' at the University of Technology Sydney,
        Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society,
        Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry,
        Fellow of the Australian Computer Society,
        Honorary Associate, Macleay Museum, University of Sydney,
        Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Arts, Health & Sciences, Central Queensland University, Bundaberg, 
        member of Advisory Panel, B. Dance Ed. degree,Australian College for Physical Education,
        Honorary Associate, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney,
        Dance Host on the
Queen Mary 2,
        teaching dance at the Byrnes Dance Image studio in Granville, Sydney.

Currently he is :

        writing a book " Some Dance ",
        webmaster for 
Planet Ballroom ,
        webmaster for  
Society of Australian Teachers of Dancing (SATD),
        webmaster for CHAIN Lillington ,

        webmaster for Kenilworth Dancing Club ,
        a very proud  grandfather.

His 91 publications and technical reports to date range over:
        Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,
        Microwave Antenna Design
        Numerical Analysis
        Computer Graphics
        Computer Animation

        History and Philosophy of Dance, and
        Dance Notation.

His on-line webpages include:
         4D Computer Output ,
         Digital Duet  ,
         A Ballet Animation Language ,
        LED: a Labanotation editor ,
        Finding Lines in Noisy Pictures ,  
         History of Ballroom Dancing ,
        Souls of the Dances ,
        Widdershins ,
        A Dancer Among Us ,
        Symmetry in Dance ,
        Symmetry in Ballroom Dancing ,
        Dancing is not normal ,
         Dancing away Dementia ,
        The Gentle Art of Leading a Lady ,
The Quality of Movement ,  
        A Curriculum Vitae ,   ,
         Photon Decay  ,
         Redshift inside a sphere ,
         What is Mass ,            ​
         The UFO Problem ,
         UFO's and Isotopes ,
        Flowers ,
        God or Machine ,
        Why Do We Sleep ?
updated  5 December 2015